A Couple of Questions...

... I am happy to answer!

What do prenatal visits look like?

These visits act as the groundwork for labour preparation. I get really excited about these because this is where we work out any concerns or fears surrounding birth that you may have before labour actually starts. I use this time to provide you with the best evidence based research as well.

In the main prenatal package, there will be two visits (in your home, at a cafe, etc.) We will discuss your pregnancy, review your birth preferences, questions, concerns, a hands-on tutorial for comfort measures and more. I will also introduce the many props and tools that I use to help support you in labour, and we will spend some time moving around and going over breathing and strengthening exercises. If you have a partner or any other support people who are planning to be with you during labour, it is highly beneficial for them to attend these visits as well. That way they too can learn what to expect and how to help.

If you are choosing the yoga focused package, we will have three visits together – two prenatal visits as described above and a third visit which is a combination of discussion and a Prenatal Yoga class. As a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (PRYT), I am thrilled to offer this option. Pregnancy and childbirth are truly transformative experiences, and this visit is where we really dive in. We will apply yoga philosophy to your pregnancy journey, play with breathing and movement, visualization, affirmations, active meditation as well as traditional types of meditation, and end the class in a restful restorative sequence.

Working with each person and each family is different, and this will guide where we focus our time. Generally, the prenatal visits last around two hours, and the additional yoga visit is three hours long (which includes a full Prenatal Yoga class). Regardless of how many visits you choose to have, we will make sure you are informed, prepared, and empowered as you approach the birth of your child. I strongly believe these prenatal visits help create positive outcomes later on in labour.

(More visits available on separate fee schedule.)

What happens right after the birth?

I will remain by your side/available for postpartum support 1-3 hours after the birth, including assistance in establishing a breastfeeding relationship, should you choose to breastfeed. I will be giving you space and time for bonding as a new family, but also remain available and nearby.

How will postpartum support work?

I will visit you at home/in hospital two times. These visits will include discussing your experience of the birth and early postpartum time (lots of active listening!), assistance with breastfeeding/feeding and resources for additional help if needed, support and information. We may talk about your birth, life with a newborn, babywearing, community resources or anything else that may be of concern to you and your family. These visits generally last 1-2 hours and are scheduled at your convenience.

If you are choosing the yoga focused package, we will have an additional visit which will revisit some of the components from the prenatal yoga classes, adjusted to your new role. This is where self-care becomes most important. We will have a shorter discussion followed by a class just like before, except this time we will be practicing Restorative Yoga. Think lots of pillows, blankets, relaxation and rest. It can be helpful to have a family member watch the baby during this visit, or for the class portion of it, but if this is not possible, we will still make it a restful time for you.

(More visits available on a separate fee schedule.)

I loved all of the private yoga classes in my package. Can I book more classes now that I have my baby?

Absolutely! It gives me so much joy to continue to be involved in your life as a new parent, and to offer yoga and all its wisdom to help you feel good. Parenthood is incredible, but it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging - especially during the newborn period, the "fourth trimester". Please let me know if you would like to have a class or a few. These can be gentle Hatha, postpartum yoga (focused on rebuilding strength), baby & mom, restorative classes, or a combination of these styles. I am also happy to offer classes for you and a friend (baby playdate??) or for a small group. Please get in touch for rates and availability.