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Birth Doula Support

As a doula, I know that each family has a unique set of needs and preferences for their birth. By choosing to have me by your side, you are ensuring an experienced and caring doula is walking the path alongside you, and supporting you every step of the way. From pregnancy to birth to postpartum, I will be there making sure your experience is empowering and positive. A big part of this teamwork is our initial meeting - a free consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for me to answer any questions you may have about me and my support options. I look forward to getting to know you!


Your investment in working with me to create a positive experience in birth and early parenthood is:

During Your Pregnancy

✓ Pre-birth planning sessions to relieve stress and fear: two 2 hour sessions

✓ A full holistic focus session to dive deep into your inner strength and intuition and explore how setting, communication and  relationships play into your positive birth experience: one 3 hour session

✓ A custom well-being plan we develop together, incorporating breathing and movement based on the tradition and theory of Yoga, meditation, herbal, and aromatherapy suggestions

✓ A 40+ page guide book I have put together for families in perinatal time: full of supply checklists, evidence based information, and local resources

✓ A short master class for your partner or support person, demonstrating comfort measures and birthing positions

✓ Preparation for any version of feeding

✓ Preparation for newborn care and early parenthood

✓ 100% support from start to finish: via phone/text/email anytime, in-person during labor

✓ Access to my lending library of must-read books

At Your Birth

✓ On call 24/7 after 37 weeks – call any time of day or night

✓ By your side and in your corner – continuous calm, reassuring, and positive presence

✓ Helping your partner support you and take breaks / take care of their needs as well

✓ Free use of my TENS machine – one of the best labour support tools out there

✓ A doula bag full of additional tools, for your comfort and for creating your ideal birth environment

✓ After the birth of your baby, I don’t leave your side until you are settled in, comfortably exploring feeding your baby, and your own needs are taken care of

✓ If your baby is born at home, I keep the space feeling cozy and clean, and help with any clean up right after

In Early Parenthood

✓ Postpartum follow up that gets you off to the best possible start: two 2 hour visits

✓ Thorough, calm, and confident feeding support

✓ Support of early bonding time: a gentle exploration empowering you, your choices, and your experience

✓ An option to explore your birth story together, a calm and kind approach to sitting with your experience

✓ Teaching the basics of baby care, from diapering to baths to safe sleep to baby-wearing and more

✓ An option to explore how Restorative Yoga can help your body heal and your mind find peace and calm in this wild ride of taking care of a new little person!

✓ A holistic approach to postpartum well-being: herbal, aromatherapy, meditation, ritual and ceremony, and nature inspired support for your physical, mental, and emotional healing

✓ You may use these sessions however you like, from all of the above to simply getting some sleep, showers, and time to play games on your phone – whatever gives you a break - knowing your baby is in good hands

The package price includes GST
Payment plans available
Special rates for repeat clients
✓ A discounted Birth Photography add-on is available to all doula clients, along with other photography options here


I look forward to meeting you and discussing the best ways to support you!

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